Courses developed by AMBP are focused on antibiotics. These courses are designed to train people in the responsible use of antibiotics on farm. AMBP e-learning courses for Antibiotics in Beef, Dairy, Pigs and Sheep are avalable from www.elearning.... Show more...

From March 2018, anticoagulant rodenticide sold to non-professionals will reduce in concentration from 50 parts per million (ppm) to 30ppm or less. In addition, the size of packs available for amateur customers will reduce to a maximum size of 300g for block and 150g for wheat, pasta and pellet... Show more...

Lantra offer 'LISS/CSCS Litter Picking and Environmental Maintenance' as an elearning course. The course has 4 modules with 4 assessments. Upon successful completion the user can download or print off their certificate of completion. This course meets to the requirements for the Litter Picking... Show more...

Lantra offer 2 elearning courses accredited by CRRU

  • Rodent Control on Farms £59.95+VAT
  • Responsible and Effecrive Control of Commensal Rodents £59.95+VAT

Upon sucessful completion of the course, your certificate can be downloaded or printed off immediately. ... Show more...

Yes, Skills+ can record skills that are required for a particular role against and individuals job role. The could be based around your own guidelines or national occupational standards (NOS). Qualifications can be uploaded into Skills+ and expiry or renewal dates set against them if required... Show more...

Yes, as part of the Skills+ package continuous professional development (CPD) can be recorded for users 

Skills+ can be configured for Managers to see skills, qualifications and CPD of users on the system. Each Manager view can be configured to see only their department through to overall view of a business.   

Skills+ holds an ISO27001 Information Management Security Standard. 

Courses available; 

Responsible and Effective Control of Commensal Rodents 

Rodent Control on Farms

Health and Safety on Farms

Professional Wasp and Bee Control

Professional Bed Bug Control

Food Handling and Hygiene

Litter Picking... Show more...