Modules and Units

Record training modules and units

Create, record and manage

Create users, record information and evidence, create bespoke reports

Upload evidence

Submit documents, images and video to support uploaded evidence. Additionally, add free text to support your uploads

Automate assessments

Offer online assessments to users as part of users training or CPD. This unit will automatically update a users profile upon successful completion.

Record modules and units within skills+

Assign module expiry / renewal

Assign an expiry time or date. Helps identify gaps and expired training.

Schedule recurring submissions

Helps in identifying future events that need regular submissions.

Assign values for completion

Allows for the creation of points or hours, typically for CPD. Alternately, as way of measuring completion of several tasks.

Add comments and feedback

Share comments and feedback with users, managers, tutors, assessors and administrators.

Embed dynamic content

Add content with Articulate 360, H5P and other dynamic content authoring tools.