Skills+ Features

  • Skills+ is cloud based skill management software that allows an organisation to track the skills, qualifications and, development or your employees or organisations members.
  • Skills+ is designed to make tracking and management of skills as simple and straightforward as possible
  • Skills+ provides a simple way for your employees to record information about existing skills, qualifications, training and continuous professional development (CPD).
  • Skills+ providers career maps which equip employees and employers with industry agreed skill sets and job roles (could be based around National Occupational Standards).
  • Skills+ identifies employee skills gaps and training needs against current and potential career progression.
  • Skills+ can upload documents in word, excel, pdf, CSV, XML as well as most image and video formats.

Skills+ Benefits

  • Saves time in staff skill maintenance
  • Reduces costs - staff retrained in line with structured training plans
  • Improves staff performance by maintaining competency levels
  • Improves accuracy of reporting through inbuilt report builder
  • No costs for server set up, maintenance and backup - all cloud based
  • No requirement for additional software
  • Created to your company image and colours