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Trade association and membership groups, how can Skills+ help?

We are a Trade Association. We need to know what training our members have done and what qualifications they hold.

Some of our training is mandatory and is part of a requirement to be a member of our Association. Quite often we find that members have training that needs to be refreshed or it has expired and they’ve not known this.

We’ve recently added a requirement for members to complete a minimum number of CPD hours per year. Their CPD needs to be evidence based or reflective learning. Increasingly we’re also being asked by members to accept images or videos as evidence of their achievement, but we can’t do this in our currently. As a Trade Association we need to be able to report on how many hours of CPD our members complete and audit the quality of the CPD being taken. We also need a way of our members knowing how much CPD they’ve left to complete in the year a CPD diary,  a compliance matrix.


We need a solution for our members that’s easy to use. One place they can go to upload their training/CPD. Somewhere that allows for different media formats to be uploaded. A reminder email to tell them they have training that is expiring or CPD they need to complete in a time period.

This will give us the ability to verify and audit all of the activity and manage compliance and standards for our members. Also, a way of helping us to identify what training or CPD events we need to create for our members going forward.

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Trade Associations and Membership groups

How skills+ helps you

  • Easy to use platform for members available 24/7
  • Record training, qualifications and CPD
  • Allows for multimedia formats to be uploaded
  • Verify and endorse the evidence submitted by members
  • Email reminders to support the process
  • Produce reports and identify gaps
  • Helps manage the professionalism of your members

Skills+ gives you the power to record, audit and assess the skills, qualifications and CPD of your members within your organisation.

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