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Training software for dealership and franchise groups

As a recognised brand, we need to ensure that those representing our brand are fully trained and deliver excellent product delivery and customer service in line with brand standards.

Whilst every organisation that supplies or sells our products and services works hard to to deliver the best customer experience, how do we know that everyone is at the standard our brand requires?

Each retailer, dealer or franchise will have their own training and development processes which they’ve invested in and works well for them. However, there are certain items that we as the Manufacturer or Distributor may require but don’t always know if it’s been achieved. For example, how do we know that all of the sales staff are achieving the required level of CPD hours to meet FCA regulations? Have the staff selling and servicing our products have the correct level of training and are aware of the correct PPE to wear? Are there any gaps in the training of an individual that might slow their development or impact on our brand.

What we need is one central place that all of the required training, qualifications and CPD could be recorded. By creating a known requirement for training and development it would ensure that the correct standards of training are being met and it would help retailers and dealers identify and gaps in skills, training or CPD.

The current Covid situation only goes to show how important it is to ensure we maintain and protect our brands.  Keeping the staff in our dealerships and franchises well trained and well informed is more important now than ever before.

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How skills+ helps you

  • Ensure that all staff are working within your dealership brand standards
  • Identify gaps in the training of an individual that might slow their development or impact on your brand
  • One place for all members to record their skills
  • Demonstrates the professionalism of your brand

Skills+ enables your brand to efficiently record training, CPD and regulatory compliance. It’s cloud based so accessible 24/7. It’s flexibility and ease of use, replace costly manual processes that can be time consuming and inaccurate.

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Training software for dealership and franchise groups. Skills+ is flexible enough to manage any process and get you the information you need with ease. Tell us a little more about your organisation in the boxes below and we'll create a short Skills+ demonstration based around your criteria.

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