Work book book solutions

Where a user can demonstrate their skills or training against a pre-determined criteria.

View users at a glance
View user reports from different management levels

Assessment and verification

Once the user has completed their work-book, this will be submitted to a manager/teacher/assessor for verification or endorsement

Payment Gateway

A PayPal payment gateway is available for workbooks to be purchased by managers or users within the scheme. This reduces the amount of time an organisation needs  in processing orders and payments.

Work Book Solutions
Automated reports

Multi-levels of assessment

Skills+ work book solutions allow for work books to be assessed and signed off at several levels. This also creates a full audit trail for the organisation.

How can this be used?

For a scheme that results in a user meeting an industry standard or qualification. E.g. Apprenticeship, Bridge Inspectors Scheme

As part of training or a qualification.

Work Book Solutions