6 tips to enhance CPD within your workforce

Tip 1 – Record your activities regularly. This helps you to record what you’ve done whilst it’s still fresh

Tip 2 – Have clear, SMART objectives (S – specific, M – measurable, A – achievable, R – relevant, T – time-bound). Helps you set objectives that can be measured. This creates objectives that are easier to understand.

Tip 3 – Plan your CPD to reflect your aspirations. Think how will this development help you in the future?

Tip 4 – Consider what activity might have the biggest benefit to your development. E.g. networking, volunteering, e-learning

Tip 5 – What other ways you can achieve development that you haven’t tried before? E.g. forums, research, attending external events and conferences, study for a professional qualification.  Why not try out social media? Look at what blogs or networks might offer information you can use

Tip 6 – Evaluate after each stage and reflect on what you’ve completed. It may identify other opportunities for development

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