Record training qualifications and CPD with Skills+ software

Skills+ is a secure cloud based solution that allows your organisation to record training, qualifications, compliance and CPD  A skills matrix all in one place

Our software allows your organisation to record, verify and demonstrate the activities of your employees or members development.

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Who is it for?


Regulation and compliance

Demonstrate that your organisation
isworking within industry guidelines.


Professional Registration

Record ongoing development to maintain your professional registration.


Procurement process

Qualify new business applications with performance based data.


Funding and Finance

Support applications for financial support with evidence of achievements.

  • Training and CPD management and recording software
  • Create industry passport scheme or skills matrix
  • Scalable framework to record all activities
  • Multiple levels of endorsement
  • Generates easy to use, detailed reports
  • Automated notifications throughout the process
  • Safe and secure storage of data and documents
  • Demonstrate professionalism and compliance
  • Multiple solutions available
  • Owned by Lantra, a UK awarding body

How Skills+ helps you