All well and good if your employees or members are already completing their CPD in line with your guidelines but, are you failing them by not providing them with the right tool to record their CPD in the first place?

Quite often we hear stories of CPD being completed by individuals only to find that they need to email it to one place or complete a spreadsheet and submit it somewhere else.

If your organisation says that it’s going to take a random check of the CPD being submitted, how will this happen?  If the evidence is being submitted by periodic emails or spreadsheets submitted by your employees or members, how are you going to collate all of the information? How are you going to decide whether the quality of the information submitted is acceptable within your guidelines? How are you going to know when or if an individual has achieved enough points or hours?

Continuing Professional Development is just that, it’s the professional development of your employees or members. Often the individuals have spent a considerable amount of time and effort researching, volunteering, attending events to make up the required number of points or hours to meet your criteria. To be asked to complete a spreadsheet or email in some kind of evidence trail isn’t really cutting it anymore.  Surely your employees or members deserve something better and you need a much easier and less time consuming way to audit all of this evidence.

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