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Skills+ enables you to efficiently record training and regulatory compliance. It's flexibility and ease of use, replace costly manual processes that can be time consuming and inaccurate.

Skills+ is a secure cloud based platform that allows an organisation to record, audit and report on a series on events. Typically, these might be training, compliance, qualifications and continuing professional development (CPD)

Modern businesses often have a requirement to record and assess the ongoing training and qualifications of their employees. Industry regulations along with quality control and best practice in the workplace, also form part of the a wider development program.

Skills+ combines all aspects of training, qualifications, compliance and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) into an easy to use, flexible solution for organisations of any size where employee assessment and evidence of qualification, uphold the reputation of the business.

Users simply upload evidence of their training, skills or CPD and create their own portfolio. This evidence can be endorsed/verified by a Manager or an Administrator within your organisation. Skills+ can produce reports of who has completed, training and who has training which has expired.

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