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Recording training for corporate customers and how can Skills+ help?

I’m a Manager of a large company. I have difficulty in finding and viewing the training and competency records for an individual.

It might be for the reason that we had a department merger, a business takeover or just the fact we have several business locations. Our HR department will know some of the information but not everything is recorded. Likewise, sometimes, the individual doesn’t give a copy of a training certificate to HR as they never have a reason to go over to the HR department. More likely is the copy of the certificate is sitting in their Managers draw or filing cabinet. We have quite a transient workforce so people join us from other organisations. It would be much quicker if these new starters could upload their previous training experience as part of our induction process.

Increasingly, we’ve now got more employees needing to submit CPD to various bodies. In some cases the professional body has a process to collect this CPD but many don’t. It then becomes the responsibility of the employee to ensure they submit the right amount of CPD but invariably that doesn’t happen. Evidence of CPD is lost or in many cases, enough hours or points not completed.

It certainly shouldn’t be this difficult trying to find out who has done training across our organisation.


All I need is one place to go to find this information. An online skills matrix of those working across our organisation. Somewhere for those who need to record CPD and a way for them to show to their professional body they have completed it.

Contact Skills+ to see how we can help with recording training and development for corporate customers

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How skills+ helps you

  • Easily access the information you need
  • Employees and Managers can add training, qualifications and CPD
  • Senior management can see all or just a limited selection of sub-companies and departments
  • See how many people within companies or sub-departments have done a particular piece of training
  • Identify who is has overdue or expired training
  • Email process to support expired training and CPD requirements

Skills+ enables you to efficiently and effectively record training and regulatory compliance. Consequently, It’s flexibility and ease of use, replace costly manual processes that can be time consuming and inaccurate.

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