Skills+ is part of Lantra – a UK awarding body best known for its work in land-based and highways industries.

In addition, our expertise comes from our understanding of the training and qualification industry.

You will use your email address and set a password to access your account. You can access your account from any device connected to the internet.

MS Office products, pdf, images, short videos, free text and links to content on the internet.

Anyone who is appointed by the organisation as a administrator or manager and appointed Skills+ staff.  If the scheme is part of a national standard, key stakeholders may view your information for audit purposes. If your scheme allows, a digital record can be produced for you to share with others (subject to permissions).

Skills+ can create a ‘non-editing role’ for managers or administrators.

There is an initial set up charge for a standard platform.  This includes license fee to run the scheme on our secure separated platform.

After that, if the scheme requires specific developments, these will be quoted for as part of the set up costs.

Charging is by purchasing licenses per user per annum. Price per licence is based on the volume of users using the platform.  We will consider different charging models on request.

A user would need to be put the user into a ‘suspended’ mode to avoid being charged for them in the following year. The user will stay suspended as per the terms agreed with the scheme owners.  A user could move from one organisation to another and their data could be transferred subject to an administration fee.

Yes, depending on what form the information is in, it may be possible to import  your existing data into Skills+.

Yes, a link could be added to a website. The link would take the users to the Skills+ homepage.

An Administrator can create modules and units within the scheme.

Yes, Skills+ can record a learners work in an e-portfolio. Our system will allow an awarding organisation to review the scoring by the provider/trainer/assessors.

This is inline with the 2021 OFQUAL Centre Assessment Scrutiny Standard

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