Here's a typical scenario

We are a College and we specialise in vocational training.

Our students record training activities that happen in the classroom as well as evidencing their practical skills. Often, practical skills are recorded by photos or short videos that are uploaded and assessed at a later date by one of our tutors or assessors.

We are going to be moving into apprenticeship schemes where we need to be able to get our students to complete a number of tasks and for them to submit this evidence to be assessed. Quite often there maybe a requirement for work to be viewed by multiple assessors although only an assessor allocated to that student can view their work. At the end of a particular unit or module, the ability to create a certificate completion is a good way encouraging our students to move through the rest of the programme,

It’s important that our students recieve feedback from our tutors and assessors, so a way of giving feedback through the platform is an important fearture for us.

We need a secure cloud platform that keeps our students information secure but still allows them 24/7 access.

College and University software

Higher education recording software

How skills+ helps you

  • Easily access the information you need 24/7
  • Students can add information in several formats
  • Tutors and assessors can review and verify student work
  • Feedback to students directly
  • Report to key stakeholders

Skills+ enables you to efficiently record training and regulatory compliance. It’s flexibility and ease of use, replace costly manual processes that can be time consuming and inaccurate.

See it in action

Skills+ is flexible enough to manage any process and get you the information you need with ease. Tell us a little more so we can create a demo that is as relevant to your situation as possible.

Tell us a little more so we can create a demo that is as relevant to your situation as possible.

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