How compliance in the UK is evolving, and what you need to know to keep up

According to the Cambridge Dictionary,

compliance (noun)

formal the act of obeying an orderrule, or request:

‘It is the job of the inspectors to enforce compliance with the regulations’
‘The company said that it had always acted in compliance with environmental laws’.

Pretty much every job we undertake in the world of work has some kind of rule or order. Often this might be accompanied with something like a risk assessment or a safe system of work to make sure we don’t fall foul of ‘compliance’ and we keep people safe.

So, we’ve identified a process to manage the risks but what do we know about the people we’ve engaged to complete the work? Have they been suitably trained? Do they have the right qualifications to be undertaking the task?  Are their skills still valid and up-to-date?

For any Supervisor or  Manager  this could almost be a near impossible task. You’d have to be able to access the records of each worker you wanted to use for a particular job. You’ve probably got to look at several pieces of information and make various phone calls to find out the information you want.  Frankly, there isn’t time for all of that, we’re all busy people! Add in managing contractors and this has just got a whole lot more difficult.

How much easier would this be if you could look at all of your pool of workers in one place and see if they are trained, qualified and ‘in date’ You’d also be able to identify where the skills gaps are and put in the training for those who need it. Combine that with 24/7 access through any type of device and you’d have the ideal solution?

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