How do you audit CPD?

Auditing your CPD

How do you audit your CPD?

So, you ask your employees and members to record an amount of CPD. You might use hours or you might use points to either is acceptable.  Some schemes CPD needs to be recorded over 12 months , for some, it can as much as 3 years.

How do you get your members to record their CPD? Do you ask them to complete a spreadsheet and submit it to you once a year? What sort of information do you accept as evidence. For example, must everything be in MS word or excel?

Maybe you have invested in some smart technology that allows users to upload scans, images, external links, certificates?

You may be asking your employees or members to complete a prescribed amount of CPD but are you recognising the ways they are using to evidence they’ve met the requirements?  COVID-19 has highlighted that more and more people have moved their activities online. They’re using online technologies to complete their development and downloading evidence to support it.

Once the evidence for an individuals CPD has been submitted, how do you audit it.  Do you look at everyone’s CPD  and decide if that’s acceptable?  What if it’s not, what happens then?

How do you decide how many points or hours to award? If you do decide, how do you record this and tell the employee or member they’ve completed their requirement to the right standard and value?

If you are completing this by using a spreadsheet or something similar, this must prove a huge undertaking. How to you allocate the time to review everything? If the CPD is required for a professional body or membership association, who audits you to ensure the standards required are being met?


The solution is to have  a platform that’s accessible through individual’s PC, laptop or phone. A secure online platform that allows user to upload evidence in multiple formats.  A system that tells the users how many points or hours they’ve completed and how many they have left to go.

For the administrators and auditors of the scheme, a way of reporting activity and completion rates. An easy way to view multiple types of evidence that is being submitted. A quick way to see who is not meeting the requirements and help ensuring everyone stays to the standards required.

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