How do you move your paper based CPD, qualification or certification onto a digital platform?

Moving from a paper based process

The current COVID-19 situation has seen a big shift in the way organisations engage with employees or members.

There have been less opportunities for face to face meetings, training, conferences and more. The shift has been very much towards more online solutions.

What is still surprising is the amount of organisations who are still relying on a paper based processes to ensure employees and members are meeting the expected outcomes. It’s not unusual to see a certification process or a qualification where the information is based in a physical workbook or downloaded in a pdf.  Recipients are expected to reply to this via email or worse, sending information in by post! If an individual has committed to completing a pre-set number of hours of CPD, surely they deserve better .

To complete your CPD in an excel spreadsheet and then email this with any supporting information over to a Manager or Administrator isn’t cutting edge. This doesn’t really reward the effort that the individual has put in to completing their CPD requirements. It also does little to portray a professional image of your organisation or association.

How much work does this process create for a Manager or Administrator?  Extricating the required information and mapping this against a requirement or framework just isn’t efficient. COVID-19 has seen a big shift to more use of online tools.  However, despite this change, schemes, registers and CPD are still being recorded in a paper based and time consuming way.

To date, 2020 has certainly taught us the role online technology can play in the business environment. This has highlighted how it will help us operate in the new normal, but what about our most important business asset – our staff/members and their ongoing development?

Easy access to an online portal where employees or members can carry on with their development and learning is a solution not only for today but for the new normal of tomorrow too. Individuals can still get their work assessed or verified by a Manager or Assessor now all online.  Alternative training and development can may be suggested or added by the scheme holders for easy access. Individuals may decide to do some personal development of their own. So, doesn’t it make sense to record all this in  one single, online location?

The shift to more online learning and development is only likely to increase and the outcomes need to be recorded . In fact, why limit to just training and development? Compliance and certification schemes, skills registers schemes or some form of industry passport scheme are all ways of developing the professionalism of your employees or members.

Has your organisation considered moving from a paper based process?

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