How does skills+ work?

How does Skills+ work

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Uploading evidence

A user can upload evidence against an event (we call this a unit).  A unit could include a start and finish date, expiry date, free text or location. For CPD, hours and points, reflective narrative and totals. In addition, we’ve also custom fields for more specific items.

Evidence can be uploaded through Skills+. These uploads can be MS Office products, pdf’s, images, short videos and links to external sources.


When a user has uploaded evidence into Skills+, a request can be sent to a Manager or Administrator.  In this instance, the user is requesting for their evidence to be reviewed and endorsed/verified. This process is usually by an approved Manager or Administrator.  Endorsement or verification is a way by which compliance or quality may be measured and demonstrated to stakeholders.  However, not every scheme will require this feature

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD can be recorded within Skills+. This can be done as either hours or points. Endorsement/verification is also available. CPD can be measured against a number of hours or point over a given period of time usually 1-3 years. Additionally it can be from a common start date for all users or set around the individuals start date.


A workbook solution exists within Skills+. This allows for units to be fulfilled and a user requests endorsement/verification once all are completed.  Workbooks allow for a portfolio of work to be submitted and then go on to be marked and passed by the appropriate Manager or Administrator. For instance, certification or qualifications can be held in this format within Skills+


Manager and Administrator roles are+ built into Skills+. A Manager is a title within Skills+.  Theses ‘managers’ may also be assessors, teachers, trainers, or quality assurance in your organisation. These can be set at different levels depending on what functionality the Manager role requires. Manager roles can endorse/verify, create new modules and units and access reports generated by Skills+. In some schemes, Administrators  can add modules and units that are specific to their scheme.


Skills+ can produce reports specific for your scheme.  A Manager can be access these reports where agreed by the scheme owner. Automated reports are also available and can be set to run on pre-specified days to Manager roles.

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In conclusion, this is a brief introduction to how Skills+ works.. Find out more about Skills+ pricing here