How much use are you making of online technology right now?

The current COVID-19 situation has seen a big shift in the way organisations engage with employees or members.

With few opportunities for face to face meetings, training, conferences and more, the shift has been very much towards more online solutions.

Our parent company Lantra, understandably saw fewer training partners delivering face to face, practical training. This ‘gap’ could have meant that individuals looking for or needing to complete key courses could have missed out.

Fortunately, our parent company was able to move quickly and translate a number of key courses into online delivery format. Using technology through webinar training and proctored exams has allowed us to carry on. As COVID-19 restrictions have been revised, many courses are now, once again, being delivered in a face to face format, albeit with smaller groups, social distancing and all other Government Guidance in play.

To date, 2020/21 has certainly taught us the role online technology can play in the business environment and highlighted how it will help us operate in the new normal, but what about our most important business asset – our staff and their ongoing development?

During this crisis , how have you engaged with your employees or members to ensure they were keeping up with their training or CPD? Did the employees or members know what was expected of them during these difficult times? Did they believe a stop in certain types of training meant their personal or professional development stopped too?

Easy access to an online portal where employees or members can carry on with their development and learning is a solution not only for today but for the new normal of tomorrow too. Individuals can still get their work assessed or verified by a Manager or Assessor all online. Alternative training and development can be suggested or added by the scheme holders for easy access or individuals may decide to do some personal development of their own. So, doesn’t it make sense to record all this in one single, online location?

The shift to more online learning and development is only likely to increase and the outcomes need to be recorded . In fact, why limit to just training and development? Compliance or some form of industry passport scheme are all ways of developing the professionalism of your employees or members.