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Industry passport scheme / skills register software

We are a group of businesses and organisations looking to create an industry passport scheme or skills register for those working in our industry.

As part of raising our industries credibility and professionalism, we need to be able to demonstrate that everyone in our scheme is trained to a minimum standard and operates in a safe way.

As a result, we need to be able to record that an individual has achieved an item of training/compliance. Furthermore we also need to be able to verify that this is to the standard we are looking for. So, some way or verifying or endorsing this achievement.

There will be individuals within the scheme who have not done the correct training or that have expired training. A way of notifying individuals and Managers that training will expire would be a valuable tool.  Allowing Managers and Administrators to report on our gaps will enable us and them to get the training delivered to those who need it.

Finally, a method of being able to demonstrate this standard to key stakeholders and a way for the individual to demonstrate to others that they have achieved the basic level we require to operate in our industry.

Potentially we have several hundred business that will feed information into the scheme. So a hierarchy model that lets Managers and Administrators at different levels see the training that’s relevant to those they are responsible for. Ideally, send regular reports to businesses for them to see who has training about to expire and plan an action to refresher training to happen.

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Industry Passport Scheme

How skills+ helps you

  • Easy to use
  • Users can upload evidence of training in different formats
  • Verify and endorse uploads from users
  • Manage CPD requirements
  • Ensure minimum standards are being met
  • Manage complicated hierarchy structure

Skills+ industry passport/skills register software gives you the power to record, audit and assess the skills and qualifications required of your members to complete your scheme

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