Bringing Business and Technology Together – Industry Skills Register

Industry Skills Register

Bringing business and technology together – Industry Skills Register. 

It’s becoming more common these days for industries to want to create some form of ‘Skill Register’

So what are the drivers for this? Might be the need to see that industry professionals have competed a required number of hours of CPD. Alternatively, it could be to demonstrate that a minimum level of training is happening across the industry. Perhaps you’re looking to demonstrate minimum safety standards and training? It might be that your aim is to share the skills and abilities of the people on the register in a much wider audience through the internet. Of course, it could be a mixture of all  of these!

We often we hear stories of very detailed and time consuming CPD being completed by individuals only to find that they need to complete a spreadsheet and submit it to somewhere. This doesn’t match the efforts by the individual and doesn’t portray a professional image of the requesting organisation.  Often, training courses are attended and the certificates remain with the individual or get ‘filed’ in an office location. Lots of learning happens both online and offline, but the evidence ends up being recorded across several locations. A individual may have studied hard to gain a particular qualification but doesn’t have anywhere to record this to demonstrate their knowledge.

There is also the question about who is going to see this register. Is it for key stakeholders in the industry? Are there others outside who might need this information, for example, insurance companies. What about if it’s part of a ‘standards requirement’, Red Tractor for example. Or maybe it’s safety led and a body like the HSE may want someway of demonstrating competence within the industry.

So what do you need to record and evidence? A few examples might be certificates of training and development? evidence of CPD? reflective learning? It might be your objective is for everyone in the industry to work through a common training plan to meet a minimum standard.

The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us lots of lessons and new ways of learning. The move to learning and development online through e-learning programmes in one such switch. But e-learning won’t capture all the requirements you’ll need to create a register. However, having one central online point for all of your employees or members to go to to create their portfolio is a big step forward.

By using technology, creating a secure online solution for your skills register is easier than ever. Simple and easy for individuals to use, for stakeholder to view and to share with other third parties.

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