Industry Passport Schemes – Bring business and technology together

So you’d like to create some kind of industry passport scheme and have some way of identifying who has completed some training or as a way of demonstrating safety. What technology should you consider?

With much wider use of mobile phones and PDA’s, Skills+ ‘virtual passport’ is the next stage in the evolution of these schemes. 

Connectivity gets better by the day so it’s only a matter of time before most locations can receive mobile phone signals.  24/7 cloud based technology opens up a whole new world of recording information about the holder. It’s no longer just for recording minimum health and safety, it can now record training, qualifications, CPD. Certificates all available at the touch of  few buttons (with the right permissions of course).     

The ability to see in real time, the most up-to-date record for an individual especially where the access is required away from an office is a big advantage over it’s predecessors.   

So what of the old ‘industry card’?

Originally, a card stated that the holder had done the basic level of safety training required and this would be printed onto the card with a expiry date. Along with a photograph, the card forms a way of checking the holders identity and verification that the card is valid. Of course, it depends on how thoroughly the card is checked by any potential gatekeepers. It’s not unknown for people to gain entry to facilities with just the quickest of displays to the gatekeeper or by simply placing a finger over the picture on the card. 

Rather like your M.O.T, the card only states that the holder was good on the day of their assessment. Cards typically have a life of up to 5 years and a lot can happen in that time. Legislation might change or there’s a new safety procedure that’s introduced but there’s no way of knowing if the card holder has any knowledge or training on these updates. You may have to wait 3-5 years to find out!

Card technology has moved on quite a bit. Some cards now have a ‘smart chips’ that allows for information to be stored within it. So if training has happened in the time period, it can be recorded against the card as long as it’s connected to an interface that updates it. 

Smart cards are a considerable step forward than the first stage, but the future is definitely based in the cloud!

If you’re thinking of creating and industry or association scheme, why not see what Skills+ have to offer. 

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