It’s never been easier to make a first impression – digitally!

It’s never been easier to make a first impression - digitally!

Recently, our parent Lantra, asked us to create a solution to help with recording learner qualifications.

As part of a qualification, a learner needs to demonstrate a ‘portfolio of evidence’. This may be something they have either worked on themselves or with input from a trainer or a tutor. Traditionally this would be a paper-based process which would result in reams of paper being sent off to Assessors to mark. From there, on to a series of Internal Quality Assessors (IQA) and External Quality Assessors (EQA) to verify and sign off on the outcome. So we’ve moved this process into what we’ve called Lantra E-Portfolios.

The move from paper to digital isn’t that new. What is new is the way that learners now create evidence for their portfolios. One big change from paper to digital means learners can now upload pdf’s, images, audio, and short videos into their portfolios. This ‘new’ style of demonstrating skills can say so much more than writing hundreds of words onto a document. What better way to demonstrate understanding or a process than through images, audio, and videos?
The age of technology means that most of us have mobile phones that allow us to simply capture something in a couple of clicks. How easy has it become to download that interaction from your phone into your portfolio?

Consider also what that looks like higher up in the chain. An assessor can now look at several points that are all contained in a series of pictures or short videos and mark accordingly. It also allows for better understanding of what the learner is trying to explain.

Using technology can significantly save time and deliver much more worthwhile and meaningful results. For Lantra, having the resource in one place saves time and money and avoids the possibility of something being ‘lost in the post’.

Over the last 12 months we’ve all seen a big shift to using digital platforms. Have you considered how you could change how your certification or qualification using technology?
It’s never been easier to make a first impression – digitally!

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