Managing and understanding training in your franchise or dealer group

As a Franchisor, there is always the drive to ensure that those representing your brand are fully trained and deliver excellent product experience and outstanding customer service in line with brand standards. Whilst every organisation that supplies or sells your products works hard to to deliver the best customer experience, how do you know that everyone is at the standard your brand requires?

Each individual business will have their own training and development processes for their own staff which they’ve invested in and works well for them. However, there are certain items that you as the Franchisor, Manufacturer or Distributor may require but don’t always know if it’s been achieved. For example, how do you know that all of the sales staff are achieving the required level of CPD hours to meet FCA regulations? Have the staff selling and servicing your chainsaws had the correct level of training and are aware of the correct PPE to wear? Are there any gaps in the training of an individual that might slow their development or impact on your brand?

The level of complexity becomes even greater where a business holds a franchise to sell several different products and services. Managing the requirements for skills and training will vary greatly depending on the types of products and services being offered.

Increasingly, most businesses are underscrutiny and are becoming more and more accountable. The last thing any organisation wants to see is their CEO hauled out in front of the media to explain why something has failed in the supply/food chain.

It would make more sense if there were just one central place that all of the required training, compliance and CPD could be recorded? By creating a known requirement for training and development it would ensure that the correct standards of training are being met and it would help franchisees identify and gaps in skills and training.

Why not contact Skills+ to see how they can help you manage the skills and training across your network or dealership group.