Managing your contractors training

Managing your contractors training

In our business we have around 200 employees with around 120 of these being staff working in the field. We regularly bring in sub-contractors when we can’t fulfil the work ourselves.  We tend to pull in resource from the same sub-contractors and agencies but we don’t always get the same people.

Managing our own teams of field based staff is tricky enough while the problem grows larger around how we manage the short term contractors.

We can ask to see their CSCS cards and similar but asking for certificates or evidence of training in most cases meets with a blank look. The usual version of events is that they’ve not been given it by their previous employer, they’ve lost it, or maybe, they didn’t have it in the first place!  We’re bound by regulation to ensure we employ competent contractors and ensure everyone is working safely. For that reason, we always provide induction training for new contractors so they understand our processes and procedures. How many times do we find out half way through the induction or worse, on the job, that this person’s never done any training on a particular piece of equipment. Furthermore, they have no decent knowledge of something as straightforward as working at height or manual handling.


A lot of the people we use as contractors are self employed so I can appreciate it’s difficult for these people to manage everything. For that reason, surely there must be somewhere online we can go to find out what training these people have undertaken and if it’s still valid? It would certainly save us a lot of time and money if we knew we’d got the correctly trained people working for us.

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