I’m often faced with the challenge of having to log into different sites and programmes just to view the training, competencies or CPD of an individual.

Often this is the result of a department merger or a business takeover. It shouldn’t be this difficult trying to find out who has done training across our organisation.

Ideally one common database where you could see all of this information would be the solution. Employees and Managers could add in training and qualifications.  More senior management within the organisation could see all or just a limited selection of sub-companies and departments.

All I and my colleagues want to do is the see how many people within the companies or sub-departments have done a particular piece of training. We’d also like to know who is still outstanding certain training.

The challenge for any organisation is deciding who has access to what records and  who’s entitled to edit and who is entitled to view only. Skills+ have experience of managing these complex problems.

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