Pricing for low volume users

Pricing for low volume users

Not every scheme we have on Skills+ has hundreds or thousands of users.

Where you scheme or register can fit into Skills+ with no additional developments, Skills+ offers a low cost entry and a fixed monthly cost for a 3-year agreement.

An initial set up fee of £499+VAT is required*. This covers the cost of creating your scheme outline and securing your scheme on our server.

Costs per month are based from the examples below

Up to 30 users £37.50 per month + VAT Equivalent to £15 per user per annum
Up to 50 users £62.50 per month + VAT Equivalent to £15 per user per month
Up to 100 users £100.00 per month + VAT Equivalent to £12 per user per annum

36 payments by Direct Debit

All prices are plus VAT

*Additional costs may apply for bespoke developments


Contact Skills+ for more details of low user pricing

How skills+ helps you

  • Easily access the information you need
  • Employees and Managers can add training and qualifications
  • Senior management can see all or just a limited selection of sub-companies and departments
  • See how many people within companies or sub-departments have done a particular piece of training
  • Identify who is has overdue or expired training
  • Record training in a workbook format

Skills+ enables you to efficiently and effectively record training and regulatory compliance. Consequently, It’s flexibility and ease of use, replace costly manual processes that can be time consuming and inaccurate.

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