Recording Regulated Qualifications

A new way to allow an organisation to record, audit and report information as part of a certification or a qualification. Instead of relying on pages of text, now a learner can create a portfolio of evidence using several multimedia options.

A learner uploads evidence of achievement against pre-determined criteria. Uploads can be free text, MS Office, PDF,  images, short videos, external links. Once the criteria are met, a user requests for the work book to be assessed/verified by a third party.

Helps to comply with OFQUAL’s Centre Assessment Standards Scrutiny and Moderation (CASS), avoiding unnecessary delays in certification

View users at a glance
View user reports from different management levels

Assessment and verification

Learners can work alongside or independently of their instructors or assessors. Once the learner has completed their workbook or portfolio, this can be submitted to a assessor or manager for verification.

Communication and feedback is available throughout the solution and is supported by an email reminder and action process.

Allows the Awarding Organisation to view how the qualification is progressing or has been marked.

Multi-levels of assessment and sign-off

Skills+ workbook and e-portfolio solutions allow for work books to be assessed and signed off at several levels. For example, IQA or EQA.

This also creates a full audit trail for the organisation and regulatory bodies.

Automated reports
Work Book Solutions

Storage Capacity

Skills+ provides a large online file secure storage which allows learners to add larger file types. E.g. PDF, audio, images and videos.

For OFQUAL purposes, these files must be kept for 6 years. Once the qualification is completed, Skills+ can compress and achieve these files which can be produced on request.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is available for workbooks to be purchased by managers or users within the scheme. This reduces the amount of time an organisation requires in processing orders and payments.

Work Book Solutions
Work Book Solutions

How can this be used?

For a scheme that results in a user meeting an industry standard, certification or qualification. E.g. Lantra E-Portfolios and, Bridge Inspectors Scheme

As part of training or a qualification.

Helps in meeting OFQUAL Centre Assessment Standards Scrutiny, CASS

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