View users records at a glance

Users records can be viewed directly from an administrator/manager portal or from the hierarchy structure within Skills+.  Therefore allows for ease of viewing and updating of user records. Easy reporting for  Continuing Professional Development – CPD  hours/points outstanding by users.

View users at a glance
View user reports from different management levels

View user records from different management levels

Users records can be viewed at the highest level by the scheme administrator.  After that, user records can be viewed by company or group managers within the scheme whom they are responsible for. Manager may be a member of more than one group.

Create bespoke reports

Reports can be generated specifically to your organisations requirements. Skills+ allows for the creation of  bespoke reports to be run at administration and manager level. As a result, keeping managers advised of gaps and non-compliance

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Automated reports

Automated reports

Skills+ allows for pre-defined reports to be sent out automatically to managers within the hierarchy. As a result, managers can stay informed on their own users and identify needs and shortfalls