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Skills+ industry passports represent the holders level of training and qualifications to undertake work in a particular environment.

Skills+ is a secure cloud based platform that allows an organisation to record, audit and report on a series on events. Typically, these might be training, compliance, qualifications and continuing professional development (CPD) although pretty much anything with a start and finish date could be recorded!

Providing an up to date record of skills, qualifications and compliance has become a requirement in many workplaces, as a result many organisations and authorities are turning to an industry passport scheme as a solution.

Skills+ industry passports give employers and stakeholders a clear indication that the holders skills and knowledge are compatible with the work they are doing and the environment they are working in. Additionally, managers can update a holders record in real time, ruling out time consuming manual record keeping processes.

Users or Managers can simply add evidence to a profile in several formats including MS Office, pictures and video. This evidence is uploaded into Skills+ and creates a part of a users profile.  An assessment based unit can also be assigned to a holders job role requirements giving you a quick and easy way to deliver industry updates or CPD as part of your on going development program.

Skills+ also offers the ability of uploaded evidence to be endorsed/verified by Managers or Scheme Administrators which creates a level of audit across the scheme.

Reporting is also key to the success of any system recording events and Skills+ comes with a suite of reports that will allow you to demonstrate compliance and identify which users aren’t fulfilling their requirements under the industry scheme.

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