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Recording training and development for small business (SME).

I’m a Manager of a small company. I need to know what training my staff have done and I need to know when it expires. I also have staff members who need to record CPD for various professional bodies and associations. Often they need to demonstrate their CPD but it is up to the employee to do this. As a result, CPD often gets overlooked and they do not meet their requirement from the professional body.

As a small organisation, I don’t have a resource that can look after the training and development requirements of our staff. I might have to create another job role for someone just to take on this task.

At present, I need to search around the office to find certificates or ask the employees to bring in their  evidence of training. When I have all of this information, I then have to create and constantly add this information onto a spreadsheet. When someone new joins our organisation, I need to chase them up and create a file for their training and qualifications and add them onto the ever growing spreadsheet!

I’ve looked at various software packages but they just don’t cater for businesses as small as ours. Usually I need to purchase a package that comes with lots of other items that I don’t want and at a cost that’s not viable for a small business like ours.


Ideally it would be really useful to be able to go to one central location and be able to view all of the training and development of our staff. Easy access to a management system that creates reports to update me on shortfalls or gaps.

An email support tool that automatically notifies employees if they have training that’s expiring or CPD points to achieve.

Contact Skills+ to see how we can help with recording training for small businesses and organisations. Find out more about our small user packages by clicking here

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How skills+ helps you

  • Easily access the information you need
  • Employees and Managers can add training and qualifications
  • Allow employees to record their CPD
  • Identify who is has overdue or expired training
  • Manage your training and development without adding to your headcount
  • No more filling in spreadsheets to manage training and development
  • Supporting email process to help you manage

Skills+ enables you to efficiently and effectively record training and regulatory compliance. Consequently, It’s flexibility and ease of use, replace costly manual processes that can be time consuming and inaccurate.

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