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What is Skills+?

Skills+ is a secure cloud based platform that allows an organisation to record, audit and report on a series on events. Typically, these might be training, compliance, qualifications or continuing professional development (CPD)

CPD recording software

Recording and auditing of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is becoming more important for organisations. As a result, our CPD recording software is a quick and cost effective solution which will help demonstrate compliance.

Hours or points

Skills+  creates a facility to record CPD by uploading evidence either in hours or units to create an online record.

Skills+ can report on the number of hours or points that a user needs to complete over a given period of time. Furthermore, there’s even the ability to mix mandatory and self directed CPD.  Customised emails can remind users that they still have CPD outstanding within the timeframe. Evidence can be uploaded in many different formats including MS Office, pdf’s, free text, images and videos.

Even more, Skills+ can create short online assessments modules that can be delivered to all employees or members via the Skills+ platform. Upon successful completion of the short assessment, the completed CPD unit will automatically be updated to the users record.

Skills+ can be accessed by employees and members to upload evidence and is available 24/7 through our secure cloud based environment.


Reporting is also key to the success of any system recording CPD. Skills+ comes with a suite of reports that will allow users to demonstrate compliance and allows administrators to identify which users aren’t fulfilling their CPD requirements. Finally, reporting is available at different levels within the scheme.  Ask us for more details.

If it’s ‘time to review’ to your CPD recording, why not get in touch and see how we can help

typical scenarios for cpd include:

  • Activities that are mandatory as stipulated the the scheme owners
  • Activities that are uploaded by the user that are of their own choosing
  • Training and qualifications
  • Attendance at events
  • Voluntary experience
  • Reflective learning
  • Short online assessments based on prior learning
  • Recording hours or points

Skills+ CPD recording software enables you to efficiently record training and regulatory compliance. Consequently, It’s flexibility and ease of use, replace costly manual processes that can be time consuming and inaccurate. Finally, help us understand the latest trends by completing our ‘take time to review’ survey

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