Here's a typical scenario

We are a Trade Association. We need to know what training our members have done and what qualifications they hold.

Some of our traning is mandatory and is part of a requirement to be a member of our association. Quite often we find that members have training that needs to be refreshed or it has expired and they’ve not known this.

We’ve recently added a requirement for members to complete a minimum number of CPD hours per year. Their CPD needs to be evidence based or reflective learning. As a Trade Asociation we need to be able to report on how many hours of CPD our members complete and audit the quality of the CPD being taken.

We need a solution for our members that’s easy to use. One place they can go to upload their training/CPD and gives us the ability to verify and audit all of the activity.

How skills+ helps you

  • Easy to use platform for members available 24/7
  • Record training, qualifications and CPD
  • Verify and endorse the evidence submitted
  • Produce reports and identify gaps
  • Helps manage the professionalism of your members

Skills+ gives you the power to record, audit and assess the skills and qualifications of contractor staff within your workforce.

See it in action

Skills+ is flexible enough to manage any process and get you the information you need with ease. Tell us a little more so we can create a demo that is as relevant to your situation as possible.

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