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Skills+ streamlines the training and qualifications process, so you know that your members meet the regulatory requirements of your Trade Association or Professional Body.

Skills+ is a secure cloud based platform that allows an organisation to record, audit and report on a series on events. Typically, these might be training, compliance, qualifications and continuing professional development (CPD)

Many trade associations and professional bodies require their members to undertake continuing professional development (CPD). Recording CPD and making sure that members have met the requirements can be cumbersome and time-consuming for the individual members and the body they belong to.

Skills+ provides a secure, out-of-the box solution. It makes it easy for individuals to quickly record the CPD they’ve done and provide evidence as required. Having online records with evidence attached makes it simple for membership bodies to monitor their members’ CPD.

Evidence-based CPD

If someone undertakes CPD in the form of a training course or qualification, evidence of completion is often available as a certificate, electronic badge or similar. This evidence can be quickly uploaded in Skills+ as part of the CPD record.

Alternatively, if a manager, supervisor or mentor are asked to confirm that a CPD activity has been completed, this can be done in Skills+ by simply requesting an “endorsement”. This is held against the CPD record of the individual requesting the endorsement.

Assessment-based CPD

If your organisation provides CPD content in the form of journal articles, e-learning or similar, how will members evidence that they have read/studied it? With Skills+ it’s easy. You can create a short quiz in Skills+ to check the key learning points. Members do the CPD and take the quiz, the score will automatically be recorded against an individual’s CPD record.

Members want a simple and quick way to record their CPD and show that they’ve met the requirements of their association/professional body.

Trade associations and professional bodies want a secure way to hold CPD records and check that their members are meeting CPD requirements.

Skills+ ticks both boxes!

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